Broker Buddha Platform to Improve Customer Experience

SAGE Program Underwriters Chooses Broker Buddha Platform to Improve Customer Experience

November 5, 2019 – Intent on providing a seamless, efficient customer experience, SAGE Program Underwriters is making the Broker Buddha software platform an integral part of its application and renewal process.

With its initial focus on the shooting sports industry—a natural fit for avid outdoorsman Chuck Holdren—SAGE offers niche industry expertise and a customer-centric approach. Along with helping his clients secure appropriate, cost-effective coverage, Chuck and his team at SAGE want to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible.

“Running a range or a firearms store is a challenging business especially the insurance piece,” noted Holdren. “Along with working to secure appropriate, cost-effective coverage for our customers, we aim to make the process as simple and efficient as possible.”

SAGE chose Broker Buddha because the intuitive online smart forms of the platform help accomplish that goal. Companies applying for or renewing coverage will see only the forms that are relevant to them with as much information as possible pre-filled in advance. Instead of endless scanning, faxing, and email back-and-forth, SAGE clients will be able to complete the process far more quickly and easily.

“It’s no secret that commercial insurance has lagged behind other sectors when it comes to embracing technology,” remarked Broker Buddha CEO Jason Keck. “The team at SAGE sees how our software improves what has been a painful process for their customers, and we’re excited to welcome SAGE to our roster.”

“We’re intent on exceeding expectations for our clients,” added Holdren. “The Broker Buddha platform and the team that supports it will be a big part of doing that.”

About Sage Program Underwriters

SAGE brings over 30 years of underwriting expertise and creative solutions to niche industries that have been under served by the commercial insurance industry. By offering unmatched solutions from exclusive, top-rated carriers, competitive rates, and a commitment to outstanding customer service, SAGE has built a roster of clients spread across the country. Learn more at SAGE.

About Broker Buddha

Broker Buddha is an award-winning technology platform that transforms the archaic process of buying and renewing commercial insurance into a fast and easy, customer-friendly online experience. Their full-service offering populates insurance applications and renewals with previously entered data, so customers can complete forms in far less time. Based in New York City, Broker Buddha serves brokers and their clients across the United States. Find out more at