SAGE Launches Workers’ Comp Program for Shooting Sports Industry


Sage Program Underwriters, based in San Diego, CA and Bend, Oregon, recently announced its launch of a new national Workers’ Compensation program designed for the shooting sports industry. An avid shooter, Sage Founder Chuck Holdren understands the shooting sports sector very well and created this first of its kind national Workers Comp program for the industry. The program successfully helps hundreds of gun ranges and gun stores lower their Workers Comp costs while greatly increasing the service and respect they deserve.


Eligible Target Classes


  • Indoor & outdoor ranges
  • Trap & skeet
  • Sporting clays & five stand
  • Ranges with gun sales
  • Retail gun stores
  • Firearms and ammunition manufacturing
  • Minimum premiums start at $1,000.

The program is available in all states except: Alaska, Hawaii, Ohio, North Dakota, Washington, and Wyoming.


Non-Eligible Risks


  • New ventures with less than 3 years of coverage or a lapse in the last 3 years
  • FFL or operating licenses that have been suspended or revoked
  • No background checks on employees
  • No formal safety and firearms training programs
  • No documented procedures for safe lead handling & removal (use of licensed subcontractors is fine)
  • Additional info required for stores open after 9pm, and operations with exposure to black powder (smokeless is acceptable).

Sage also does not write hunting or guide operations.


The Sage Advantage


  • Exclusive top rated and stable carrier partner
  • Competitive rates & commissions
  • Extensive knowledge & underwriting expertise
  • Fast response time & quote turnaround
  • Creative and flexible payment plans
  • Superior policy and claims servicing

Additional products will be launched in the month: EPLI, Cyber and Package products

For more information, contact Chuck Holdren at 833-724-3111, ext 700.