SAGE Program Underwriters Becomes Preferred Insurance Provider for NSSF

SAGE is pleased to announce its partnership with NSSF as a  preferred insurance provider for their membership.

SAGE Program Underwriters is the leading workers’ compensation insurance provider for the Shooting Sports industry. SAGE has been proudly insuring hundreds of shooting ranges, firearm retailers and industry manufacturers since 2006, providing businesses and their employees with workers’ compensation coverage and protection.

“SAGE is thrilled to partner with NSSF and their continued efforts to provide real solutions to its members” says Chuck Holdren – President & CEO of SAGE. “Our unmatched industry knowledge and underwriting expertise allow SAGE to dramatically lower costs and greatly improve the service NSSF members deserve. If you’re buying work comp, you owe it yourself to give SAGE a shot. Contact SAGE today or have your insurance agent do it – no other insurance provider does more to support this great industry.”

NSSF members can access SAGE’s exclusive workers compensation program by connecting with their current insurance broker or by working directly with a SAGE agent.

“Our members are steadily contacting us requesting referrals for insurance companies who are not only friendly to our industry but competitive in cost and service,” said Samantha Hill, NSSF Director of Member Services. “We are pleased to add SAGE to our list of trusted insurance providers. NSSF encourages its members to explore all the benefits we hand select for them.”  To learn more about NSSF and become a member, visit